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Whether you’re buying your first car or your teenager is just about to get behind the wheel, there are plenty of reasons to purchase car insurance. You want to protect the people and things that are important to you. Auto insurance can help:

  • Safeguard your investment in your automobile
  • Pay for medical expenses in case of an accident
  • Provide financial protection from lawsuits
  • Cover losses caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers
  • Pay for damage due to theft, vandalism or natural disasters

What are my coverage options?

  • Liability Coverage typically helps protect you for damages to others if you’re at fault in a covered accident.
  • Medical Payments Coverage typically helps provide payment for your reasonable and necessary medical treatment for bodily injury caused by a covered accident.
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorists Coverage typically helps protect you for covered damage caused by drivers who don’t have auto insurance or don’t carry enough auto insurance.
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Collision Coverage typically helps pay to repair or replace your insured car after a covered accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage typically helps pay for covered damages to your insured car resulting from a peril other than a collision, such as theft, windstorm or flood, to name a few.

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